Complete Home Inspection

Thermal ONLY

Infrared Thermal Imaging is AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED. If the client does not wish to have Thermal Imaging conducted client must sign a declination document.

Signing of the Thermal Imaging Declination Document will return the total fee to equal that of the base fee.

Thermal Fee (Column C) Pricing reflects a 20% discount on Thermal Services when performed IN CONJUNCTION with a Complete Home Inspection.

Additional Services

Houses Built Before 1972: – $50.00

Bacteria Only Water Test at Time of Inspection – $90.00

Bacteria Only Water Test Separate Trip – $120.00

Re-Inspection – $75.00

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At ProHome Inspection LLC, we treat each home as if we were buying it ourselves, performing a thorough home inspection that provides substantial insights about the property’s existing condition so that you aren’t taken by surprise after an investment has closed. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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